Wild Emergence

Transformational Event

Reconnect to Your Authenticity

Harness Your Play

January 2-8 (*tentative)

Hawaii (*tentative)

Your Emergence Begins In...
















The Perfect Combination of

Woo-Woo • Play • Adventure • Transformation

The Perfect Combination of


Check out our event from Jul 2021 — Sedona, AZ

Mar 2020 — Kauai, HI

Jan 2021 — Sedona, AZ

It’s Time to Finally Step into Your
FULLY Embodied Leadership

Why are you holding back
from sharing your gifts to the world?

Unleash your WILD

Come back to your True Essence

Take off your fucking
Perfect Pants

Stop limiting your self-expression
because you’re afraid of failing or looking stupid

When was the last time you TRULY connected with who you really are behind the mask you wear everyday?

The illusion of having all of your shit together and needing to show up a certain way uphold your status

Do you remember what it felt like to be a child?

Playful and Free

Are you tired of feeling the weight of having to live two separate lives for home and business?

Sick of clients that are just heavy to work with?

 Feeling your soul being called to expand even more deeply, authentically, abundantly?

Become Unbound


when they can no longer

connect with that which makes them


And with what calls in

their “Fuck Yes” clients

The people that ignite their soul

The burden of societal pressures to

look, act and pretend to be PERFECT

has taken us so far off course from what is at our core

Our primal, yet playful nature

Our desire to feel FULLY SEEN in all that we do

Guess what?!

You can actually LOVE the work you do AND feel fully aligned again

It can be EASY and FUN

Your soul contract clients are waiting for you to shine your light

Join Us In This
7 Day Expedition

where we begin to break down those barriers
you have built for protection

The walls around your True Essence

Reconnect with that raw life-force energy
that makes you who you are

That fully ignites your soul and sets you free

Your Love

Your Joy

Your Passion

After this journey, you will experience much more MAGIC in your life . . .

Side-effects may include:

💥 Feeling ridiculously happy for no good reason

💥Calling in clients that ignite your soul and connect you back to the reason you chose this path in the first place

💥 Letting go of connecting with people who “don’t get you”

💥 Feeling FULLY seen into the depth of your soul – if you don’t know what that feels like it’s GOOD shit

💥 Having the inspiration to launch into your next creation

💥 Feeling lighter from releasing childhood trauma and wounds

💥 Having more unbridled creativity

💥 More Playfulness, Joy and Expansion

“Jamie. Where do I start, she’s such a Jedi. Jamie has a special skillfully talented way of relating with me with such realness that she gets me out of my MY head, and out of my way, and into my body, and really in touch with the Rockstar version of myself.

Throughout the entire week at Magma, she just continually kept showing up, always lurking close, almost like she was watching me, relentlessly committed to reinforcing this new version of me that seemed to slowly be hatching its way out of me through my unconscious patterns. Again and again and again with this constant and consistent loving support.

As Rosie and Kit lead us through these amazing transformative processes, Jamie was just fiercely committed to making a huge difference for me. She is undeniably a STAND for the version of me that is an unapologetic sexual badass rockstar, that in all these years, I had never been able to see or get in touch with, with the clarity, and with such a rich texture of realness I could feel so deeply. She kept challenging me and prodding me, and pushing me; almost coaxing this little hidden embryo rockstar version of me as it made its way forth thought the week at Magma, through countless tiny little mini-interactions she had with me throughout the week, so it could SHOW UP loud and proud by the end of Magma!

I noticed a completely new sense of playful confidence, style, and grace in myself, right down to the way I move and walk, and I’m thinking to myself, “what have they done to me?! who is this guy??” And then she continued to reinforce it after Magma and through Manifestation Disney. You couldn’t duplicate the way she treats me, and I watched as she played that same role for several other people too.”

Parker Winder

This Adventure Back to Your Soul Includes

Energy Work, Yoga and Woo-Woo stuffs

Some of the best healers and magic makers. All the sage and the palo santo. Nightly ceremony and morning yoga of different styles.

Epic Adventures and Breathtaking Views

Majestic hikes and energy-shifting adventures. You will have to see it to believe it.

Transportation and Lodging

You will be fully taken care of with transportation during the event. We’ll be staying in an epic venue. Kind of like Summer Camp for Woke adults. 😉

Sacred Plant Medicine Ceremony

Cacao, tea and more. These are our connection facilitators.

Epic Dance Party

Even if you “don’t dance” you will dance your face off.

Delicious and Healthy Meals

Organic, delicious meals for the entire retreat prepared by a professional chef.

Powerful Exercises

  Get back in touch with your creativity, playfulness, and authenticity. Heal deep childhood trauma and programming that is keeping you under-optimized and stuck.

Organized Workshops

Learn cool-ass shit: authenticity, how to follow the guidance of your heart, and more. It doesn’t have to be hard. It gets to be simple and EASY.


This is an ALL-INCLUSIVE Retreat

Which means:

You don’t have to worry about a thing except
getting your happy-ass on that plane

🌟 Lodging, delicious food, transportation and your entire transformative experience

is ALL covered 😉


We will ceremoniously dance, sing, cry, and heal as we peel away the layers around the heart and emerge your empowered inner child

If you haven’t clicked the ‘buy now’ button yet

then this event isn’t for you!

Just kidding!!!

It TOTALLY still is

I’ll tell you more cool stuff

If you made it this far

You are feeling the pull

That gentle nudge that guides us

The compass for your highest expansion

There is a piece inside of your soul

begging to be IGNITED!


You will need:

📌 To sign a waiver for liability and marketing of this retreat.
We want to share your amazing experiences from your transformation

📌 To be able to hike up to 5 miles a day
If you REALLY want to come and can’t do this we MIGHT consider it but it’s case by case

📌 A desire to go ALL IN and let go of the person that you thought you needed to be

📌 A flight to the island and arrival/departure transport.
Basically just get your butt to the retreat space and we will take care of you all week 🙂

Follow the Calling From Within

That heartbeat drumming like an ancient tribal drum.

This is where your True Spirit lives.

It’s time to finally begin the journey to lead HEART FORWARD.

“You are able to hold space for and see people in a way that makes them feel safe and understood. I saw you effortlessly switch from tough to soft with whoever you were working with, fully understanding what that person needed in that moment. You showed up so fully, so authentically, and so joyfully that’s it pulled people out of their shells and helped them feel ready to work.”

Teaira Burge

“Jamie held space for me and shook the bullshit out of me in a most transformational, loving, fierce, badass way. Jamie saw me in a way that no one else ever did, including myself. She saw the real me – and helped me unleash that powerful, loud, massive mountain within for the first time! Knowing Jamie has been such a tremendous gift and blessing!”

Benedetto DeFrancisco

“Jamie held the space beautifully for me, after me wanting to run away, she spotted exactly what was going on for me in the moment and after talking to me for no more than 10 minutes she helped me shift into a different space. She is a bad ass bitch and her high energy it’s contagious 🥰🥰🥰. Thank you Jamie and I love you”

Diana Zhawn

Begin the Journey



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