The Wild Emergence

Transformational Retreat

Kauai, Hawaii

March 2-6, 2019

The Wild Emergence

Transformational Event

The Wild Emergence


a retreat for
coaches – entrepreneurs – healers – leaders
Anyone doing big, deep, change-making work in the world.

It’s Time to Hear the

Calling of the WILD

You have felt a calling within you to do something more.

You’re already making change in your life and the lives of others,

but something inside you wants to do MORE,

waiting to emerge from the depths of who you really are.

This is your invitation to meet your inner child, discover your alpha wolf, meet your alpha pack, and unleash your greatness to the world.

Have you struggled with finding the balance between true authenticity and still presenting like the leader your are?

The Wild Emergence gives you tools and experiences to discover your own truth, confidence, and more.

This event is for you if you’re a leader, change-maker, entrepreneur, or healer that wants to increase your impact and touch more lives.

During this event you will…

– dig in and find your true roots

– drop the identities that do not serve you (but you hold onto anyway)

– and simply BE together among your fellow leaders and change-makers.

→ Get back to your true essence, creativity, and playful nature!

You wouldn’t be here if you didn’t feel that
quiet howl deep inside your heart,
begging to be UNLEASHED

The Wild Emergence is …

a 5 day (4 night) ALL INCLUSIVE transformational event on beautiful Kaua’i



Experience 5 days (4 nights) of immersive self-exploration and transformation with experts


Everything is taken care for you as soon as you arrive on Kaua’i.

Lodging, meals & snacks, adventures, transportation – and ALL transformational exercises and ceremonies – are included in your registration.


Life transformation on a tropical island – see unparalleled sights while transforming your life at the same time.

Like a vacation, but better.

The Magic of Kaua’i

This island is not just a “vacation destination” or a pretty face.

Jamie was called to the island X years ago
and is now called to show you WHY.

She is the healing island.

Her energy is palpable and the connection to source is undeniable.

The event will take place at




for just $x

(only $y until ABC!)

-All vegan and gluten free meals and snacks provided for the entire event

-daily adventures to explore the magic that is Kaua’i

-all transportation provided during the event

-powerful exercises to get you back in touch with with your creativity, playfulness and your authenticity

-the time of your fucking life – I mean come on… this is MY retreat after-all!


(your involvement)

-you will need to sign a waiver for marketing of this retreat (you are going to have access to free professional photos of yourself so this is a pretty sweet ass deal)

-you will need to be able to hike up to 5 miles a day (this will not be every day and you do not have to be athletic to attend)

-a desire to go-all in and let go of the person that you thought you were.

Jamie is an authentic, powerful leader that …

… when I was working with Jamie, she …

The Wild Emergence will …


EpicTitle, Bamf, Inc.

Secure Your Spot Now

for only $x

(price raises to $y on ABC)

The Dream Team

event staff / facilitators

Jamie Skagen

Jamie Skagen

Event Leader

Jamie is a life coach, authenticity expert and mother of 4. With a passion for evolving my life out-loud in real-time. I host transformational retreats and am passionate in my coaching practice – helping people get out of their own way and step fully into their gifts.

Kim Marquez

Kim Marquez


Kim travels around the world helping mission driven entrepreneurs brand their businesses through compelling visual content through both photography and video!

Dylon Lyon

Dylon Lyon


Dylon is a transformational facilitator with over 9 years of inner and outer journeying. Through a unique combination of deep coaching, radical consciousness work & heart based intuitive guidance ,he helps his clients take their lives to a whole other level.

“I am honored to be holding a safe and loving container for a variety of plant medicine to unleash it’s magic upon your journey ❤️ ” – Dylon

I am a transformational facilitator with over 9 years of inner and outer journeying. Through a unique combination of deep coaching, radical consciousness work & heart based intuitive guidance I help my clients take their lives to a whole other level. I am honored to be holding a safe and loving container for a variety of plant medicine to unleash it’s magic upon your journey <3


Benedetto DeFrancisco

Benedetto DeFrancisco

Sound & Body

Benedetto is an energy worker and sound healer, specializing in repairing ancestral and childhood traumas.

Benedetto is an intuitive energy practitioner, oracle reader, teacher and sound healer certified in Reiki, Qigong, and Yoga. Benedetto was nominated and won Best Reiki Practitioner for two consecutive years in Port Angeles, Washington.

Since 2016, Benedetto has developed their own powerful practice of energy work, Benergy Healing. This practice honors sacred shamanic ceremony, ancestral wisdom, and divine guidance from the Universe, Angels and Guides, with the intention of recognizing and releasing blockages, and supporting alignment and ascension. Their specialities include, but are not limited to serving childhood and ancestral trauma; LGBTQ empowerment; Divine Feminine & Divine Masculine integration; and manifestation.

Courtney Parker

Courtney Parker


Courtney is an all around badass who is co-creating this event with Jamie. She will be the personal chef/caterer for all foods and also helping with a lot of behind the scenes organizing and scheduling.

“And my favorite color is rainbow. 🌈” – Courtney

Jamie also says that Courtney “is equally the backbone and brains of this magic that is flowing through me. She takes my word vomit and tries to organize it into something we can actually market 😂”


Ian Cleary

Ian Cleary



A visionary creator, Ian’s amazing passion and skill combine in the ambition to learn any medium or school of thought. Ian is inspired to use his creativity as an instrument for self-discovery and the inspiration of others.

The imagery that Ian creates is a combination of symbols and ideas. The designs explore a fractal perspective of humanities highest potential and the interconnectedness of all things.

Ian is the owner and co-founder of the concious media company Heartspace432; whose mission is to create events and spaces that embody freedom of expression and community connection.

Austin Pranger

Austin Pranger




Rosie Volcano

Rosie Volcano



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