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Jan 1 – 5!


1-on-1 Life Coaching • Training Masterclasses (Recorded for Your Convenience) • Epic Community

ONLY $37!

January 1 – 5

Daily Masterclasses:
11:00 am PST
(Recordings Available)

5 x LIVE Masterclasses

Join Jamie Skagen as she walks you through the Fear to F*ck It! process, uncover your limitations, discover your values, and create the courage to take action in your life!

Private Facebook Community

Join over a hundred people as they walk through the Fear to F*ck It! process, courageously open up, discover more of who they are, and truly connect.

Get the support you’ve been missing.

Personalized Coaching

Get 5 private calls with a life coach that will help you in any area of your life that you’re struggling with, looking for support in, or truly want to transcend.

What is that ONE thing you know you need to be doing most?

That if you did it, it would create…

  • More confidence to show up boldly in your life
  • Better wealth in your business and life
  • Courage to be yourself
  • Freedom to live on your own terms

That ONE thing that has been on your mind and heart forever that would


When you embark on this journey…

… you will find that the ONE thing that used to scare you the most is actually your authentic self showing up.

Being SEEN.

When you go From Fear to Fuck It, you show up authentically you.

No matter what.

After you find the courage and step into your authenticity, you can show up relentless in being your most badass self.

You can actually ATTRACT your people, your Fuck Yes clients and people who fill your soul and your spirit.

Ask Yourself…

  • What is the thing you fear the most that you KNOW you want to be doing?
  • Whats that one part of you that you are shutting down and not showing the world?
  • That part of you that you dim or that you wouldn’t dare be seen in?
  • Where can you uncover your BIGGEST gifts and express the most powerful parts of yourself?

This 5 Day Virtual Coaching Experience will help you

→ find your COURAGE
→ step into your AUTHENTICITY
→ be your relentless BADASS YOU

Jamie may say “fuck” a lot, but she is not fucking around. This challenge catalyzed a huge breakthrough for me in the first couple days of participating. I love the exercises particularly journal questions that revealed what actions I would take if I had no fear. Myself and many others in the program are already starting to take those actions with the support of Jamie, this challenge, and the community of participants cheering each other on.

I love Jamie’s down-to-earth, real, and vulnerable presence mixed with a potent, direct coaching style that was able to get into some of my deepest shit in only 15 minutes. This woman has a gift, and an incredible vision to empower people and eliminate shame. Her dedication is unquestionable, and the commitment and culture of her team and community is vibrant, encouraging, and rooted in a love that can hold space for our greatest strengths to our greatest pains.


Fear to F*ck It – June 2020


Join fellow change-makers and leaders where you will uncover where you have unconsciously created a ceiling in your life by refusing to express the most powerful parts of yourself.

You will identify areas you haven’t even accessed to leverage and unlock MASSIVE change in your business, finances and relationships.

In this 5 Day Virtual Coaching Experince, you will…

  • Create clarity on what you want most in for yourself and your life.
  • Connect with powerful souls who are “doing the real work.”
  • Learn about the triggers and behaviors that hold you back.
  • Interrupt the pattern and finally develop your inner F*CK IT!
  • Stop letting fear stop you from taking action.
  • Get personalized support from a life coach.

Through this challenge you will find your Fuck it so you can live in your purpose and take the steps to create the life that excites the shit out of you.

Find the courage within, step into your authenticity and be your relentless badass you.

You’ll Get…

  • Daily LIVE WEBINARS by Jamie to guide you through the “From Fear to F*CK IT!” process. ($997 value)
  • 5 COACHING CALLS, one-on-one with a Life Coach throughout the challenge. ($247 value)
  • REPLAYS to re-watch each webinar – or if you missed it live.
  • PRIVATE FACEBOOK GROUP ACCESS to share your assignments and personal growth, connection with like-minded souls, and get the support you need. – Begin building your tribe now.
  • DAILY ASSIGNMENTS to build your courage muscle, practice authenticity, and become more of a badass.
  • BATTLE STRATEGIES to stop fear from paralyzing you.
  • A ROAD MAP to doing THE THING you’ve put off for way too long.

FEAR TO F*CK IT – January 2022

Intensive Dates:
January 1st – 5th, 2022

Training Webinars start at:
11:00 am PST (every day!)

These are scheduled to run at least 90 minutes.

We will also have other bonus LIVE opportunities throughout the challenge

before AND after the webinar.

If you can schedule it in,
you’ll get SO MUCH out of this experience!

* Replays will always be available for the daily webinar with Jamie.

* Replays will be available for other LIVE events where able.

I joined this challenge on a whim when I was invited and I’ve straight up paid $1000 for programs that don’t go into this kind of depth, don’t have private calls, and didn’t facilitate half the breakthroughs I experienced in Jamie’s challenge. This challenge should be a full paid program. I’d suggest grabbing it while it’s still low ticket, and show up like you paid the 1k anyway – before Jamie comes to her senses and starts charging what it’s worth 😉 You’re welcome.

Kristina Marie

Business Mindset Coach, The Mindful Business Movement

Are you ready for 5 days that will EMPOWER you?

And finally say F*CK IT! to fear?




“I help my clients get clear on what is REALLY beating their heart and help them identify the steps to begin their own, unique journey.”

Jamie Skagen is an authenticity expert, mother of four, life coach, and fierce transformational catalyst who leads by example and isn’t afraid to ruffle a few feathers.

She began her evolution six years ago, sharing in real time- about the shadow side/challenges of parenting, food and health, sexual intimacy, and many other subjects that are considered taboo in mainstream society.

Along the way, Jamie has discovered that honest sharing seems to be the secret key to rapid personal transformation-releasing shame, inspiring others, and freeing up massive amounts of energy to create the life of her dreams.

And create her dream life she has!

Two years ago, Jamie moved to Hawaii with four kids. As a single mom and unknowingly 2 1/2 months pregnant it was quite the massive feat. She established a thriving business from the ground up, openly sharing not just the Instagram-worthy victories, but also her vulnerability and challenges each step of the way.

Today, Jamie continues to evolve out loud… coaching, creating retreats, and inspiring and empowering others to lead by example, take heart-guided leaps and to relentlessly pursue their dreams.

Jamie thrives on helping you find your Fuck it – doing that thing that you know you need to do but you have fear or shame around it.

She is addicted to helping you step into your courage, find your authentic self, and be that badass that you know is inside of you.

For anyone debating whether to join this next challenge or not, DO IT. Just fucking commit and do it! I learned so much more about myself that was hidden away and that alone meant so much to me. You also get a bomb group that supports you no matter what you say or how embarrassing you might think it is. No one was judgmental and instead there was so much support. Jamie also took the time to have three one on one calls with everyone and she get sooooo deep in such a short amount of time, it’s insane. I mean the very first day I came onto the challenge with no real reason behind it and after just ONE fifteen minute call, I realized that what I really wanted to do was be a life coach for kids. So that right there proves that you should just commit and do the challenge because who knows what will come up but it’ll be amazing, I promise!

Olivia Glasgow

Fear to F*ck It – June 2020



January 1 – 5, 2022
11:00 am PST (Daily)
(Recordings Available)



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