The Human Empowerment Project - Group Coaching

Group Coaching

6 Weeks • 2 calls/week
Content • Assignments • Peer Support

June 29 – August 7
Mondays & Fridays

and live your best life.


Ready to FINALLY be the badass in your life?

You don’t need to do it alone anymore.

Step through your own transformation alongside other leaders, healers, and coaches

improving your life within an intimate group setting.

6 weeks of Group Coaching with Jamie will help you…

Become More Comfortable on Social Media

Identify Your Blocks and Shift Out of the Patterns Holding You Back

Learn How to Communicate Clearly and Give Feedback

Sick of playing small?

Know that you are ready to have a bigger impact?

Creating change in our life is a choice.

But often, we get in our own way.

Step alongside a team of change-makers as they get clear on what they want to create, take massive action, and learn how to express to make a greater impact.


What change are you waiting to make?

Create massive change in your life, starting from the comfort of your home.

Every week you’ll get …

Two Weekly Calls with Jamie and Your Group

Assignments to Help You Gain Clarity, Take Action, and Express more Fully

Calls to Connect with Your Peers – Receive and Give Support

Group Coaching is perfect if you…

  • Want to dip your toes into life coaching for the first time.
  • Desire to learn how to express yourself and communicate powerfully with others.
  • Are ready to have more accountability and inspiration to take more action in your life.
  • Want to get more comfortable on Social Media by creating captivating written and video content.
  • Aren’t ready to make a larger investment into 1-on-1 life coaching yet.

Are you ready to receive support and guidance to FINALLY be a badass in your life?

To become more Empowered?

Begin the process of changing your life in just 6 powerful weeks.

6 weeks of group coaching.

$5,491.00 $497.00

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June 29 – August 7

Mondays & Fridays

12:00 pm PST

Here’s everything you need for
The Human Empowerment Project

Commitment to

Block out time in your calendar for each of the calls as well as assignments that come up each week.

Organize your week around YOUR growth.

Phone / Computer

You’ll need a phone (or computer) and the internet to access our ZOOM GROUP CALLS and the FACEBOOK GROUP.

Journaling Tools

You’ll want something to write with and record your thoughts as you go through exercises.

Pen and paper or a digital note-taking app.

Are you ready to
in your life?


Contact Jamie on MESSENGER or via EMAIL: