Jamie Skagen

Fierce Transformational Catalyst

Life Coach • Authenticity Expert • Mother of Four 

Beginning her evolution six years ago, Jamie Skagen shares her experiences in real-time – about the shadow side/challenges of parenting, food and health, sexual intimacy, and many other subjects that are considered taboo in mainstream society.

Jamie confidently leads by example and isn’t afraid to ruffle a few feathers.

Along the way, Jamie has discovered that honest sharing seems to be the secret key to rapid personal transformation.

Releasing shame.

Inspiring others.

Freeing up massive amounts of energy to create the life of her dreams.

And create her dream life she has!

Two years ago, Jamie moved to Hawaii with four kids. As a single mom and unknowingly 2 1/2 months pregnant it was quite the massive feat. She established a thriving business from the ground up, openly sharing not just the Instagram-worthy victories, but also her vulnerability and challenges each step of the way.

Today, Jamie continues to evolve out loud…

Coaching, creating retreats, and inspiring and empowering others to lead by example, take heart-guided leaps and to relentlessly pursue the life of their dreams.

Jamie thrives on helping you find your Fuck it which is doing that thing that you know you need to do but you have fear or shame around it.

She is addicted to you stepping into your courage, you finding your authentic self and you being that badass that you know is inside of you.

Are you ready to see what coaching can do for you?